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Global No.1
Personal Mobility Service

as a Service

MaaS Asia dreams of becoming
the global No.1 personal mobility service.
We provide sustainable services by considering
the environment
and safety of the city with
innovative technology.
Experience MaaS Asia's easy and convenient
personal mobility.

  • MaaS Asia goes beyond the value of
    mobility and brings us closer.

    MaaS Asia believes that daily life travel should be more

    The convenience of mobility increases the connection
    between people, objects, and many services, and
    brings them closer together.


  • MaaS Asia is at the forefront of making
    cities healthier and better places to live.

    Being ready to dream and create a carbon-free,
    environmentally friendly future city.

    Our goal is to create a more livable city by expanding
    all travel around the world to micro-mobility.


  • MaaS Asia always provides safe service
    with our own hardware technology and
    production and is developing.

    We provide strong and safe service with the 3rd generation
    e-scooter produced by our own professional and the
    world's first all-solid-state battery technology.

    Through continuous research, our hardware technology
    continues to develop.


  • MaaS Asia leads the micro-mobility
    industry technology based on platform
    and data.

    We provide services for better travel based on platform
    and mobility data.

    We lead future industrial technologies with demand
    forecasting models, operational efficiency systems, image
    recognition learning and AI technologies, etc.

    mobility data


MaaS Asia creates an ecosystem of
urban transportation based on innovative
SaaS(Software as a Service)and
HaaS(Hardware as a Service).


  • User
  • PM(Personal Mobility)
    sharing service
  • SaaS(Software as a Service),
    HaaS(Hardware as a Service)
  • Building a transportation ecosystem that
    contributes to the city and the environment


MaaS Asia is creating a connection between
people, society
and the world through
the e-scooter sharing service ‘ALPACA’.

‘ALPACA’ pursues various changes and attempts
to make a
closer relationship and more fun world
beyond simple and
efficient movement goes
beyond simple and efficient travel.

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Travel conveniently, Get closer!
We provide a customized mobility service that
allows you to travel nearby you.


MaaS Asia provides easy and convenient services
to users by connecting the city transport.

MaaS Asia exists to create a better world that
broadens the individual life circles
and closes the distance between you and I.